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"Your fast, professional and friendly response made the difference between having a disappointed customer vs. a happy one that will likely return in the future." - George McClone
"We want you to know how pleased we are with the extraordinary care and service you provide to us in our property in Sandestin. We really appreciate it." - Tim & Fran McDonald
"I have recently been to five of our locations and all have been in phenomenal shape. Some of the locations look better now than when I first gave the properties over to your Company." 
- Nancy Beck
"Elevate Cleans delivered spectacularly and they should be commended." 
– Vantage Resort Realty
"The owner called me from Village Stream…he was very pleased with the shape of the cabin! Congrats to the Elevate crew for another kudos from an owner!" 
– Alan Riney, Itrip
"They are a joy to work with and their sincerity and dedication to the job are commendable." 
– Maxine & Glenn Bird
"There’s peace of mind knowing that Elevate Cleans is on-site and available to meet the client’s needs, so they can relax and enjoy their stay." 
– Bryant Booze, Travel Advantage Network

Better talent. Better results.
That’s the Elevate Cleans promise.

At Elevate Cleans, we have a different approach to resort housekeeping and facility services. It starts with our people. We don’t simply hire staff; we invest in cleaning and maintenance talent—experts you can count on to care for the long-term value of your property. With our talent, you get:

  • A completely eVerfied team
  • The latest products and methods for protective care
  • On-site management for every clean
  • Secondary quality assurance inspections
  • Technology-enhanced dependability
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Budget-smart full-service solutions

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